Sushi Maven Surimi Seafood Sticks 1lb

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  • Manufactured by: Sushi Maven

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Net Weight 1 lb per box. 30 sticks per box.

Surimi Sticks are made through the process of Surimi. This is minced, rinsed and then re-formatted into another form. And there is your delicious "Kosher Crab" (imitation).

The surimi sticks are vacuum packed in sleeves with three sticks per sleeve to ensure freshness.
The sticks are normally wrapped in a plastic cover to retain freshness. Individual "sticks" in many forms are usually colored red or yellowish red on the outside. Since crab sticks are cooked already, they can be eaten directly from the package. Could be used for sushi roll made with imitation crab, or seafood salads. Russian, American, and European delis prepare a lot of different salads with imitation crab.

Fat free, low cholesterol and no preservatives added.

Under the strict supervision of Volove Kashrus (VK Kashrus)