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SushiMaven.com: State-of-the-Art Kashrut

With modern facilities and an international reach, SushiMaven.com is the online price and quality leader for kosher Japanese foodstuffs and food products.  We are proud to introduce exotic flavors to the community, making them both familiar and frum without sacrificing authenticity of taste.  All our food is certified under only the strictest of rabbinic supervision, from that of the Orthodox Union and Rabbi Teitelbaum to Star-K and OK, for the quality and peace of mind you and your loved ones deserve!

SushiMaven.com was founded by the experienced industry veterans behind Freund's Famous Fish, a longtime local favorite in Borough Park, Brooklyn that's been serving the community for years with the freshest bounty of the sea.  From a love of good sake, kosher sushi, and great friends SushiMaven.com was born, harnessing the best of modern technology in the service of holy ancient writ.  The secret to our success has been the mashgiachim temidi who work tirelessly to make sure that every detail of the law is carefully followed and our own generously low prices that have been deeply discounted so that everyone can enjoy one of the healthiest and most subtle foods in the world!

And because the flavors of Japanese cuisine can be so delicate, we search everywhere to bring only the best to your kitchen table, from the Pacific Coast of the United States to the far-off shores of Iceland.  So when you have a yen for nori, sushi, sashimi, or anything Japanese but you need it kosher, look no further than SushiMaven.com and choose flavor that's frum, with delicious food and condiments rabbinically certified for soul and palate!