Kosher Roasted Sushi Nori Gold -100 Half Cut Sheets

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  • Model: NORGHC
  • Manufactured by: Sushi Maven
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These paper-thin sheets of dried seaweed have a sweet ocean taste. Already roasted ("yaki-nori" in Japanese), Nori sheets are ready to roll for sushi, Nori rolls, and rice balls. They are also a common garnish or flavoring in noodle preparations and soups. Each package contains 100 half size sheets of seaweed.

Nori, collected from the sea, is a highly healthy food with low calories containing balanced nutrients such as protein, calcium, iron, vegetable fibers, and various vitamins.

Based on the color, aroma, texture and taste, the Premium Gold Quality Roasted Yaki Sushi Nori is the highest quality kosher Yaki Sushi Nori there is available.

Since Nori is incompatible with humidity, it's packaged in a moisture-proof re-sealable bag. Once the package is opened, make sure to remove all the air before closing it. Remember, it is always better to eat Nori soon after the package is opened.

Ingredients: Dried Seaweed

This product is Kosher Parve, and is under the strict Supervision of Rabbi Teitelbaum, Vellove Ruv.