Making Sushi: How to Make Nigirizushi at Home

When making sushi, know that nigirizushi is the easiest type of sushi to make. The first thing you’ll need to do is get your hands wet, because our sushi rice will stick to your hands if they are dry!

Making sushi means to start with enough rice to just fill the palm of your hand and shape the rice gently into a rectangle roughly two inches long by one inch wide and tall. Be careful not to compress the rice too much, because some air between the grains is desirable for the feel. When you have your base shaped properly, you can add a little wasabi before topping your sushi.

You can put basically anything you want on top of you nigirizushi, but fish is a common option. Make sure you use fresh fish, and cut the meat into a rectangle with a sharp knife (preferably a bento knife). The fish should be slightly larger than the base, and should be cut against the muscle grain in a reasonably thin slice. Vegetables should be roughly the same size of the base as well.

With either fish or vegetables, you may find that your topping is difficult to keep on top. If so, you can always cut a small piece of nori (seaweed) to act as a ‘belt’. Simply cut a piece of nori about half an inch wide and about 4 inches long. Wrap it around the center of your sushi and close it on the bottom. This is great for holding together loose items, or just for an artistic flair!