After You Make Your Own Sushi: How to Make Makizushi at Home

Once you learn to make your own sushi, you can "graduate" to makizushi. Makizushi is a great type of sushi to make if you really want to show off. Itís a bit more difficult than the nigirizushi, so it might take a bit of practice to get right. Donít get discouraged!

For this type of sushi, youíll need a bamboo mat to make your own sushi. Start by placing a full sheet of nori shiny side down on your bamboo mat. Next, take your prepared rice and cover the nori with about ľ of an inch of rice. Leave an inch or so uncovered so that the roll can be closed. Now youíll add your fillings; thin strips of fish and vegetables work well for makizushi; large, thick pieces should be avoided.

When all your fillings are in place, gently lift the end of your mat closest to you and roll away from you using light even pressure. Tuck in the flap of uncovered nori and continue rolling to seal your roll. You may want to press lightly on the top and sides of your roll to give it a squarish shape.

When you feel your roll can stand on its own, unroll the bamboo mat and move the roll to a cutting board. Now you can slice the roll to the desired width!

A variation on the makizushi is the uramaki, which is basically a makizushi with the rice on the outside. This one is much trickier, so only try it once youíve mastered the original.

Prepare your nori and rice as above, but this time completely cover the nori with rice. Now flip the roll over onto a bamboo mat covered with plastic (to keep the rice from sticking to the mat). Place your filling onto the now-exposed nori, and roll carefully to create an inside-out maki!