Hakubaku Soba Noodles 8x9.5oz

PRICE:   $34.99

  • Model: RETNOOSOB
  • Manufactured by: Hakubaku

Organic Soba noodles are thin Japanese noodles made from buckwheat flower and wheat flower. They are roughly as thick as Italian spaghetti, and prepared in various hot and cold dishes.

  • Buckwheat is very high in protein which has all of the amino acids essential for good health.
  • Buckwheat protein has also been shown to reduce cholesterol levels by absorbing cholesterol in your small intestine.
  • Buckwheat may have some value for diabetics as some studies show, that buckwheat reduces blood glucose levels by as much as 12-19 %.
  • Buckwheat is a naturally high in dietary fibre and lecithin.

Cooking Instructions: Boil for 4 minutes for Soup and Salad Boil for 3 minutes for Stir frying.

Ingredients: Organic Wheat Flour 69%, Organic Buckwheat Flour 29%, Salt 2%, Water.

Serving per pack: 3