Rice Paper - 100gr

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  • Model: RETRICPAP
  • Manufactured by: Sushi Metsuyan

Spring Roll Wrappers (also known as rice paper, rice paper rounds, spring roll skin, edible rice paper, wraps, banh trang or summer roll wrappers) are used in both Vietnamese and Thai cuisine for preparing fresh or fried spring rolls. The circular wrappers are thin, brittle, and opaque and marked with a cross-hatched pattern.

The main raw material used for rice paper production is white rice. White rice powder is mixed with tapioca flour to make the rice paper glutinous and smooth. The thin flour and water batter is spread evenly on conveyor belts, steamed, and then transferred onto long rectangular bamboo frames. The lengths of rice paper are then sun-dried and ventilated. Finally the rice paper is cut into circles.

Store in a well sealed container out of direct sunlight for up to one year. (Size: 8.5 inch diameter)
. Net Weight 100gr

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